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Disney's The Little Mermaid 2023 Area Stage Company -

“A cleverly conceived villain played by the right actor can walk away with many a musical (or in this case, swim away with it), and Chisolm (who uses the pronouns they/them) does exactly that with Ursula.  Sporting a shock of white hair and a gorgeous purple gown, Chisolm demonstrates that they’ll take no prisoners (Ariel excepted) as they belt “I Want the Good Times Back” with their chortling henchmen Flotsam  and Jetsam.  Chisolm is sensational.”

“As the Sea Witch, Jonathan Chisolm leans far more into the Pat Carroll interpretation of the role, inspired by drag queens like Divine and in lowering the key of the song is given a more darker, vicious tone to their delivery. Brechtian and brooding, Ursula decries the “Poor Unfortunate Souls” that have come to her in their hour of need, as Ariel joins them by exchanging her voice for a pair of legs and lungs.”

“Speaking of the villain, Jonathan Chisolm lends the character a devious demeanor. Rather than show off or beg for laughs, Chisolm makes Ursula’s traits seem organic to her. The performer, sporting an oddly-shaped shock of white hair and an appropriately dark outfit, commands the stage while remaining natural in the role and demonstrating deft comic timing. In addition, Chisolm’s evil laugh is an apt choice for the character.”

“Chisolm, a Trans Femme Nonbinary person playing the female villain, was compelling, sporting a feminine look with a purple dress, white hair and smooth dancing. Their voice was commanding, especially in the production number I Want The Good Times Back.”

La Cage Aux Folles 2022 Seacoast Rep -


"Chisolm captures attention with their amazing vocals from their first number, "A Little More Mascara," a tender reflection on their stage career, to the show stopping "I Am What I Am," a tune that went from a snappy number in a Broadway musical to become an anthem for the gay community. Chisolm is a combination of energetic substance and flaming pizzazz. They are a very convincing drag queen who especially shines when they portray Jean-Michel's doting mother. Watching Chisolm's comically painful attempts to walk like a man, more like Uncle Al, is all that needs to be said about gay conversion therapies. Their energy and "esprit de corps" is uplifting in the number, "The Best of Times."

Clue The Musical 2022 Circa '21 -

"Jonathan Chisolm as the disgruntled domestic, Mrs. White, delivers a smashing "Life is a Bowl of Pits" while pummeling beef for dinner with a lead pipe."

Waiting In The Wings 2023 Off-Broadway -

"Jonathan Chisolm deserves special mention for their performance as drag queen Kelsey, who dispenses motherly advice to Anthony and belts impressively in the hilarious “Bases Loaded” (if sexual baseball puns are your thing, this is the song for you).”
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